Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weather and Stuff!

Yesterday, I had a customer come in and say he needed a bearing for a Ford
9N steering sector. I looked it up in the computer and he said his did not look like the one on the screen. I asked him did he have a 3 speed transmission. This is the easiest way to tell the determine if it is a 9N (Three speed transmission) or a 8N ( Four speed transmission). He said he had a 3 speed but his steering gear was different. Then he said " I have got it in the truck" I said " Lets go look at it!"
It was a steering sector for a Ford 601!!! All 601's have a 4 or 5 speed transmission. Then he remembered it was a 4 speed. Some days it is clear why I have no hair!!
Last night it rained somewhere between 2 and 3 inches in about 45 minutes and this was accompanied by a loud amount of THUNDER and a bright amount of LIGHTENING the whole time it was raining. it was probably the most rain we have had at one time in the last 2 years.
Our pond went from being almost dryed up to overflowing!

Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts, Crazy customers and weather!