Wednesday, April 29, 2009


These are 2 of the parts that have to be modified to build a pulling carb. The hole in the seat(the top piece on the right) has to be bored out larger so more gas can get through it. If you don't make it larger, then, sometimes you will run out of gas when the tractor is under the most load at the end of the pull. After boring the needle it has to be polished on the inside so the needle will not stick closed. The needle is the piece on the top left with the black neoprene tip.
The bottom piece is the discharge tube which mounts in the well of the carb and sticks up into the bottom of the venturi. The gas is sucked up this tube by the vacuum that is created when the engine is running. I bore out the bottom 2 holes 3-5 drill sizes so more gas can be pulled into the air stream that goes into the engine.
These 2 pieces have been modified and are ready to be put in the carb.

Thats all for now!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I started out with the first view and worked about 1 hour to take the carb apart and clean it up. I have all the parts laid out so I modify some of them and reassemble them into a pulling carb for an Farmall 560 tractor. One piece I will not be using is the electric shutoff thingy. I might convince AO to put it on his carb to make his orange tractor pull better. AO just plug it up to 12 volts and feel the electricity shoot through that orange tractor. It might get you an extra 2 feet this weekend!!!!! lol!
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Palmetto Tractor Club Tractor Pull May 2, 09

There will be a tractor pull in Saluda SC May 2, 09. Hope to see you there!!!!

Eric Benton
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Tractor Radiators

Today, the tractor, combine, skidsteer radiators are on the website. Look under each make of tractors and click on radiators. They are in a pdf file. You can press the CTRL key and the F key at the same time and it will bring up a window where you can type in the model of your tractor and it will search the file for your tractor. If your model tractor only has one radiator then there will be only one listing under your model. If your model could have had 3 or 4 different radiators then it can show more than one radiator selection. Sometimes there were different radiators that came in 1 model but there may only be one that is available today. It may or may not fit your tractor. Look it up and call me or email me and we will be sure it is right.
Thanks, Eric
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Knowing your Tractor

Several times this past week I have had people order parts for their tractor. This is not unusual it happens every day. The phones ring and people need parts. Most people, well 95 percent know what they need. The other 5 percent will order a clutch plate for a MF 135 and when it gets here he has a MF TO35. They have different clutch plates that will not interchange. Or order a wiring harness for a Ford 4600, but when it arrives and will not work--- "well my buddy says it is the same as a 4600", but really it is industrial Ford not a 4600. Or he orders a muffler for an Allis B, but I know he is working on an Allis CA and I ask is it a B or a CA? He says they are the same thing. If they were the same both would be only a"B" or a "CA". They would not be the same tractor with 2 different names made in different years. Most of the time when we get the wrong part the customer has told us the wrong tractor. Or they answer our questions wrong. I have asked customers if they have 28 inch or 38 inch rear tires to determine whether their tractor is a utility style or a rowcrop style. The parts are different. The customers answer was 28 inch. When his parts got there they would not fit, so I ask again and the answer was 38 inch this time. There are other questions that are more difficult that we have to ask to determine what you have or what you need. I quess what I am trying to say is "If you don't understand what I am asking then you should say""I don't understand what you are asking" . I will be glad to tell you what you have to look at to determine the answer. This way you get the right part the first time!!! I do not expect you to know all the answers and I will help you be able to get the answers so I can take care of you.
This is about the right part the first time. It keeps my expense's down which keeps your cost down.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Pictures in Last Post

My pictures in the last post run from the finish line backwards to the starting line. Here are some more random shots.

Tractor Pulling 4-11-09

Last Saturday, I went to The Edmund Antique Tractor Pull in Lexington SC . I took Linda's tractor "The Bulldog" and mine "This Side Up" Linda had errands to run so I pulled her tractor and mine. I pulled Linda's tractor in the 5500,6000 & 6500 lb class and pulled mine in the 6000,6500,7000 lb super class. The pictures are of Linda's tractor pulling the 5500 class. I hope they line up right when I post this. One picture is the starting line photo and one is the end of the pull at 306.30 ft. The other two are somewhere in the middle of the track. The track was a little wet to start with but it dried out and was an excellent tract to pull on for the day. I got first in 5500 and 6000 with Linda's tractor and I got a first in 6500 and 7000 with my tractor. In the 5500 6000& 6500 class that I pulled Linda's tractor in there were 15 to 16 tractors per class. The competition was close with alot of the tractor finishing within inches of each other. There were a total of 49 tractors at the pull. It was a good day!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Truck Load of Tractor Parts Part 2

Finally, the truck load of parts are on the shelf and ready to be sold and shipped. We actually finished checking them in yesterday, but it has taken all day to correct the mistakes on the packing list. When I got all the pallets in the warehouse I barely had room to move around at all. I got some new parts in the stock order that I have not had on the shelf before. One of them is a Radial Piston Pump Camshaft kit for the MF 1100,1130,1105,1135,1150,and 1155 tractors. Now that the stock order is up maybe I can get back into my routine. Speaking of routines, Baylee is pawing at my leg to remind me that it is her supper time.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Truck Load of Tractor Parts

A tractor trailer load of tractor parts left Ohio heading for us today. It should be here some time tomorrow morning. So for now I will put the rebuilding of the JD 3010 engine on hold until I get the tractor parts on the shelf. I am cleaning up the area in our building where I can set pallets of parts. I normally get 18 to 24 pallets at one time and I have to put them in the building to keep them from getting wet if it rains. I will try to post a picture or two of the truck load of parts so you will have some idea of how much room they take up in pallet space.
I had a customer in today looking for Farmall A parts and this was his first tractor. It was kind of interesting figuring out what he needed to fix his tractor. It took a little bit to get our terminology on the same page. I have seen a lot of people who have bought their first tractor this year to put in a garden so it is a little more than selling parts sometimes it is telling them what has to be fixed and how to fix their problem. Sometimes I get a mess of corn or something out of their garden for my trouble.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Weekend of Tractor Pulling!

I went to St Matthews SC to pull in their annual April pull. It is the first weekend of April each year. They also have a second pull in October. I have been going here to pull for the last seven or so years and there is always a good turnout of tractors. I have come to know alot of the folks who pull there and they are good people even if most of them only like JD tractors. I pulled 6 times over 2 days and had 6 first place finishes. I really had a good weekend!!! MH on his JD B almost caught me in a couple of pulls . His tractor pulled extremely good this year I don't know if he has worked on it or just had the right combination for the track conditions. His tractor hooked better than mine did, I just had more speed to get me past the rough spot in the track. There was also an Oliver 88 that gave me some good competition.
My JD 3010 block is ready to pickup from the machine shop. I will try to get it today so I can get started on rebuilding it. I will post pictures as I do the work on it.
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