Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Everyone today wants to buy on the Internet and we also are able to sell you parts online 24/7 .
I had a customer in here last Friday that had bought a BD 154 cylinder head from me and he went online to purchase an engine kit for the same tractor. I could have sold him a kit with an oil pump for around $500 to $550 and he found it cheaper online. However, the company he was buying it from was in England and the parts were priced in English Pounds not US dollars! Well the engine oil pump is wrong and will not fit his tractor and the freight to send it back is more than the part. His credit card bill was for a little over $800.00 due to converting from English Pounds to US dollars. So an extra 300 dollars and still does not have all the parts to fix his engine and it will cost him about another$145.00 to finish the job.
Just saying, Know who you are buying your parts from!!!

Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts, Jefferson, South Carolina, USA

Sunday, November 20, 2011

15 Years

This morning I realized that the Expo Farm Show in Moultrie GA marked my 15th anniversary of being self employed. I had 3 parts tractors in stock and 1 building that I did repair work in and a desire of being able to walk to work every day. I do not miss having to drive to work!!!
15 years and we are still here thanks to hundreds of customers and friends in the USA and a couple of other countries.
Thanks for the business!!
Looking for 15 more!!

Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts, Not only here for a good time Here for a long time!!!!