Monday, March 29, 2010

JD 2840 Clutch and Pressure Plate

Today, I got in a JD 2840 Clutch and Pressure plate set for stock. The retail price of the new Luk clutch set is$450.00 The retail price at JD is $1183.00.
I stock clutches,pressure plates and bearings for most makes and models. So the next time you need a clutch call us and let me save you some money.

Eric Benton, Saving you money 1 part at the time!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Parts Questions

I had a customer call and ask "Do you have Farmall mufflers" and I said "yes". Then he asks" How much are they??" . I say(biting my tongue) "What tractor do you want one for?"
I stock a variety of mufflers for Farmall tractors and the prices range from $20.00 to roughly $165.00. It depends on the model and engine size.
If you tell me what you are working on then it is easier to give you the right price and I can tell you if I have it in stock. This guy need one for a Super A and I had it on the shelf for $32.00 .

Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts, Mufflers for most makes and models


I was putting up parts this morning and the radio was off in the office and I kept hearing a beat and I could almost recognize the song but not quite. I am 7/10 s of a mile off of the highway. If I can hear your car radio through the building 7/10's of a mile away from you It IS TO LOUD!
Its no wonder so many people say Huh!
I don't want to listen to my radio most of the time and I sure don't want to listen to yours.
Turn it down and I won't make you listen to mine.

Eric Benton Southeast Tractor Parts, to much noise!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


This was the back counter that held out parts books, copier,fax machine and other things. We are deconstructing it to reuse the materials in the 2 office rooms we are going to build behind the counter. When we built it in 97 we used a lot of ring shank nails to hold it together and it has been a challenge to tear it apart. However, slowly but surely it is coming apart!!!

Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts, nothing is certain except change!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

All Things Being Relative

I was talking with a good customer of mine that buys a lot of Ford hydraulic pumps from me. Yesterday, he was needing a pump for a 6610s tractor. He thought it was the same one as the TL100 which is a $875.00 but it was not and it was about $300.00 cheaper. I told him it was not as outrageous as the TL100 pump and he said "It is not outrageous" I still think the price for pump is high. However, he then said the local tractor dealer wants $1600.00 for the same pump I am selling for a $875.00 . So things being relative, my idea of a High price was his idea of a Good Deal!!!!!
We have a Good Deal for you! Call me and get yours today!

Eric Benton Southeast Tractor Parts, Good Deals for Everyone!!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Parts Returns

Sometimes we have parts returned simply because I sold the customer the wrong part. Sometimes the customer will ask for a part for a JD 3020 and when it comes back I find out he had a JD 2030. Occasionally, he will even have a IH tractor ( his buddy said they are the same thing). Our return rate is like .25 percent of our gross sales which is pretty low. I know some used parts places are normally 6 to 8 percent on there returns. I get the most returns from people who come in and get a part and have not worked on their tractor yet!! The think they know what is wrong and buy a part and when it is torn apart something different is broken. So tear your tractor down to determine what parts you really need to fix it before you order or buy the parts you think you need, some of the parts we order cannot be returned. Some can be returned but there is shipping costs and restocking fees that have to be paid and this runs up your cost.
The Rental Uniform man was just here wanting me to try out a new soap to clean our hands. I now have a dispenser mounted in the restroom to dispense soap. It is a new product for them and he wants me to tell him if it is any good- to test drive it-However I know where this is going and it will have to be pretty cheap for me to buy it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Our last bout of snow looked real good on Tuesday night. There was enough to cover the grass in the yard at about 10:30 pm. The next morning almost all of it was gone. Today it is all gone.
The weather people are calling for a nice weekend. Maybe most of our winter is gone! But,I am not going to put my jacket up yet!!!!
Even with the weather the first few days of March have been really busy and I like it! Lots of people are getting the garden tractors ready to break ground and start planting. The farmers are rebuilding engines and replacing clutches and getting ready to go. I sold 2 identical DT436 IH engine kits yesterday both were for a IH 1466. I am looking for a gear for a IH 1566 transmission for a customer.

Eric Benton. Southeast Tractor Parts,Selling Parts & Staying Warm(trying to)!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It is raining, sleeting and snowing here and the weather people are calling for 3 inches of snow this afternoon and tonight. At least it is only going to stick on the grass and not on the highway. I had enough bad weather while in KY 2 weeks ago. Hopefully, this will be gone tomorrow. I need to pull parts off a Super C tractor and I don't like to pull parts in the rain ,especially, freezing rain! The way it is falling now I would be soaked and freezing over in about 7 minutes.

Southeast Tractor Parts, new and used tractor parts, some still on the tractor!!!!