Wednesday, July 22, 2009


These pictures were taken about 1 month ago. Baylee can now run out into the field and hide in the beans. Last night we had 1.5 inches of rain over about 2 hours. This is as much rain as we have had since the beans were planted on June 1st. Hopefully, we will continue to get enough rain to have a good crop of soybeans.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Tech manuals are important!

I had a call earlier from a customer looking for an injection pump for a JD tractor. He said his tractor would crank and run but it smoked real bad and did not have any power. I asked questions about what had been done and why did he think he had an injection pump problem. He then said he rebuilt the engine and did not put new rod bolts in it and the rod bolt broke and wedged in the cam gear and sheared the cam gear and nose of the cam off. I asked him how he timed the injection pump and the cam. He said he lined up the mark on the gear with the center of the crankshaft. Which is basically what you do to time the engine. I asked him did he have the #1 piston at top dead center on the compression stroke and I lost him here. He had just timed the cam and pump to the center of the crankshaft. He did not set the crankshaft in the proper position before timing the cam and pump. I figure it is a couple of teeth out of time, close enough so it will crank but not on the money so it will have power. The front of the motor has to come back off to retime the engine.
There are 2 things here to know and remember.
A: Never rebuild a John Deere engine using the old rod bolts! Always put in new ones!!!!!
B: Always follow proper procedures to time your engine when you have replaced timing
components !!!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

JD Hydraulic Pump

This is a used AR97872 hydraulic pump off of a JD 4020. It fits several other tractors as well as the 4020, 3020 5010,5020 and others.
I pulled this off to get some other parts off for a customer so I cleaned it up and pt it in stock. I checked it to be sure it pumps and it did pump oil. I do not get very many good used hydraulic pumps most of them have to be rebuilt(new control valve and new seals and whatever else it needs) We also have Reman Hydraulic pumps for sale.
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Tractor Repair

When you need to work on your tractor this is a source of information on how to fix it. We sell IT repair manuals for a variety of make and models.
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tractor Parts

These are parts I have ordered in for customers over the last couple of days. The JD top link end (the gray part in the pictures) is a RE56211 it fits a JD 4440,4250,4450,4255,4455. Not a lot of tractors this size, use this part on the top link . Most of them have a joint like the one that hooks to the tractor and have a quick coupler on the tractor. This top link end is mostly used without a quick coupler. The handle in the picture with the top link is part number R42495 and is used on tractor from 2510's to 4440's. This is the handle that clips to the center body of the top link. It flips out so you can adjust the tilt/level of your implement. They are prone to breaking.
The IH emblem fits a Super A, Super C and a C. The Battery box cover fits a Super A, Super C,C,100,130,140,200 and a 230.The Throttle assembly fits a Super A, Super C, and a C.

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