Thursday, July 21, 2011

Air Conditioning!!

Late yesterday our AC unit died and went to where dead AC units go when they pass. I don't where it went but I know it is cooler than it is here !!!!!! It is 95 on the outside and several degrees warmer in here. Tony, the AC reviver just drove up and is out looking at the dead unit. I hope he can work his magic and revive the cool air machine!

Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts, It ain't hot as Hell here, but I can see the gates from here and they are open!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Corn Harvest!

Yesterday after work I harvested out corn crop. It was sweet corn out of the garden. We planted 32 hills of corn and harvested 29 ears. Pretty good for a garden spot that was 8 ft by 12 ft and also has potatoes, beans, tomatoes,cucumbers and sunflowers. I shucked it, silked it and boiled it a little and Linda bagged it for the freezer. Next year maybe a little bigger garden.
Linda cooked some of the corn for supper and it was really good!!!!

Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts, I need a tractor to plow the garden!