Friday, May 4, 2012


I have known you longer than I have been in business. I've bought tractors from you. I've sold you parts. I've asked your advice on how to fix a tractor. I've shared my meager advice on how to fix a tractor. I have always considered you to be a friend first and second a customer. You were one of the first customers I had when I went to work for myself. We became friends . I remember you and Gene coming down here and walking over my yard and buying a governor off of a 8N Ford tractor. It was the first part you bought from me here at Southeast Tractor Parts. I have a picture of you and Crosby. You were setting on a seat in front of the counter and Crosby is setting there beside you and I know that Crosby is setting next to you now. I can picture you , Gene and Crosby setting under an oak tree in the shade surrounded by 8N's, 9N's and MF 35's and 135's. Each of them running perfectly. Cause the Lord will not temp you to loose your religion over a tractor that is difficult to repair. JW, knowing you and being your friend has been a pleasure. Rest In Peace!  09-30-24 to 04-29-12

Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts, remembering a friend!