Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Repair Kits for Remote Valves

I got a visit from one of my suppliers a few days ago and I now have in stock repair kits for the hydraulic selective control valves on JD tractors from the late model 3020 & 4020 up through the 40 series tractors. It also fits the utility tractors like the 2030 2440 2640 1020 820 and others.
I also have the same kit that fits the 50 series tractors that have the ISO style couplers. These will be alot lower priced than Deere.
These kits have the 4 valves and both of the oring kits in them to rebuild the Selective Control Valve Assembly that bolts on the back of the tractor. This is the valve that the remote hydraulic cylinder lines plugs into.

I am building a JD 4320 engine in my spare time( lol) I could not work on it tonight because of the end of month paperwork that has to be done to get statements out to our customers.
Still got a little work to do on them.

Eric Benton
Southeast Tractor Parts, new parts for old problems!

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