Monday, February 22, 2010

Farm Shows

The last day of the Raleigh Farm Show was a good day attendance wise. but a lousy day to have been outside. It snowed, rained and sleeted on us all day long. I got soaking wet loading up the truck to come home. I saw a couple of fender benders on the way home and it was probably because of the slick roads.
Sunday I left to go to the National Farm Machinery show in Louisville KY. It snowed on and off for the whole trip to Ky. I stayed at a hunting cabin a friend has there in Pleasureville KY. The driveway which is a 1 lane road between 2 fences that are barely far enough apart for the road. When a Dodge 2500 series ,long bed, quad cab pickup turns sideways on the slick ice/snow cover road there is verrrrrry little room left between the fences. I did not hit the fence but I think it is only because the fence moved over some!!!
There was 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground when I got there and it snowed another 8 inches on Monday night. I backed the truck up on Tuesday morning to meet my buddies to go and finish setting the booth up and stuck my truck. They picked me up and I left the truck stuck 2 days before I could get to it to pull it out. When I did get it out I drove it to the front side of the cabin and stuck it again. So my buddies picked me up to go to the show every day. The only day I drove in was on Saturday so I could load the truck to come home. Once I had the weight of the parts and racks I had on display then I did not have any problem getting around in the snow. I left home with 1000 lbs plus my display parts and should have had 1400 lbs in the back of the truck. This was the worst year for weather problems that I have ever had while at Louisville.
However, It was one of the best years for talking to customers and new potential customers.
I met several people I had been shipping part to but had only talked to on the phone. So lousy weather good show!! I handed out 2000 catalogs while at the show. I was so busy I only got to go get ice cream on 2 days instead of every day!!!!

Eric Benton Southeast Tractor Parts,

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