Monday, August 3, 2009


Today, I had a customer in looking for parts to fix his tractor. I asked him What kind of tractor is it. He said it was a big tired tractor just like the one I have out front. The one out front is an IH 300. He described the problem he had and the parts he needed and I thought to myself "It must be something else!" I asked him again what model tractor did he have and he said it might be a IH or could be a AC . I told him that what he was describing did not sound like either tractor. He finally calls his buddy and determines that is a MF tractor. I still do not know what size it is. I should have the parts to fix his leak on the shelf. He just has to split the tractor to find out where the leak is coming from. He really thought that since I had a big tired tractor and he had a big tired tractor that they had to be the same tractor!

Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts, And you wonder why I am confused sometimes!


Larry McConnell said...

At least you had a customer! Sounds like you need a tractor chart on the wall depicting all the makes and models. Can't imagine mistaking a glorious AC for a Big Tired Red tractor is that tired as in worn out or just big rubber?

We had a pretty good pull on Saturday. Charles actually got DQed for over weight, You know how the scales change from time to time. Had some folks bring in a couple of really nice Olivers, chrome wheels and all 1) 77 2) 880 Had several trucks and most of the regulars. Darin has his W9 torn apart and Barry was out of town. What about the photo squabble on the MM and the throttle rod pull?

Eric said...

Yes, we always have customers(knock on wood) and hopefully we will always have customers. The 300 IH has big tires and it is tired also. Glad you had a good pull. Charles has been pulling on that rod since he got that tractor. Just like the 18 in hitch on the H.
Some things never change!