Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Truck Load of Tractor Parts

A tractor trailer load of tractor parts left Ohio heading for us today. It should be here some time tomorrow morning. So for now I will put the rebuilding of the JD 3010 engine on hold until I get the tractor parts on the shelf. I am cleaning up the area in our building where I can set pallets of parts. I normally get 18 to 24 pallets at one time and I have to put them in the building to keep them from getting wet if it rains. I will try to post a picture or two of the truck load of parts so you will have some idea of how much room they take up in pallet space.
I had a customer in today looking for Farmall A parts and this was his first tractor. It was kind of interesting figuring out what he needed to fix his tractor. It took a little bit to get our terminology on the same page. I have seen a lot of people who have bought their first tractor this year to put in a garden so it is a little more than selling parts sometimes it is telling them what has to be fixed and how to fix their problem. Sometimes I get a mess of corn or something out of their garden for my trouble.

Southeast Tractor Parts , A truck load of parts for your tractor!!

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