Monday, April 6, 2009

A Weekend of Tractor Pulling!

I went to St Matthews SC to pull in their annual April pull. It is the first weekend of April each year. They also have a second pull in October. I have been going here to pull for the last seven or so years and there is always a good turnout of tractors. I have come to know alot of the folks who pull there and they are good people even if most of them only like JD tractors. I pulled 6 times over 2 days and had 6 first place finishes. I really had a good weekend!!! MH on his JD B almost caught me in a couple of pulls . His tractor pulled extremely good this year I don't know if he has worked on it or just had the right combination for the track conditions. His tractor hooked better than mine did, I just had more speed to get me past the rough spot in the track. There was also an Oliver 88 that gave me some good competition.
My JD 3010 block is ready to pickup from the machine shop. I will try to get it today so I can get started on rebuilding it. I will post pictures as I do the work on it.
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