Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Last Call for Edmund Antique Tractor Pulling

Even Baxter and Baylee like tractor pulls!! However, last Saturday was the last pull for Edmund Antique Tractor Pull. We pulled here for 2 seasons and it was the best facility, best sled ,best track in South Carolina. There were always a good number of tractors there to play but not a lot of spectators. The spectators like the fast, loud tractors and trucks and a lot of smoke and the noise ordinances would not let them run on a Saturday in the middle of the day. I still believe a person should be able to use their property as they wish. After all, they are the ones paying the taxes on it and making the payments on it. And to show how idiotic the county council is another person has bought a sled and will be having pulls in the same county and has been told he will not have any problem getting the permits to have a pull. Same county, same county council, you would think the laws/rules would apply the same to everyone!
This year has been tough on tractor pulling events, 2 in GA have shut down and 2 in SC have shut down. There are 2 in SC that will start up next year, at least they are being talked about .
I wanted to start to work on mine and Linda's tractor but I think I will hold off until I see what the new rules are for the new guys.
Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts, There's always next year!!!!

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