Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Moving the Sales counter that is!!!!!
Tomorrow morning Linda and I will be moving our sales counter we live behind a little closer to the front door. We are going to build 2 offices behind the counter because i have too much stuff laying on my counter and I need to move part of my work to an office. We already have most everything off of the counter and are waiting for 5 o'clock to get the rest and the computers out of the way. Yes I said computers there are 6 of them here under the counter. I have to shut them down before I remove them and then pull all the electricity out and all the network cables out. So the rest of the day is for getting ready to move. Move tomorrow morning and reassemble everything Thursday and Friday.

Eric Benton, Southeast Tractor Parts. I Hate Moving!!!


Larry McConnell said...

Tecnology in the antique tractor business! Who woulda' thunkit? I hope you and Linda and all of the family have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! We miss ya'll!!!

Eric said...

Larry, You don't think I am scratching this out with a piece of charcoal, Do you?
How do you think I keep up with 16000 part numbers. My memory ain't that good!!!
I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!!!!